BrandoCapote 2019

Why? It’s anyone’s guess, but it looks great.. and is sometimes dazzling…” - Rollo Romig The New Yorker



CasablancaBox  2017

Nominated for two Drama Desk Awards; Outstanding Projection Design & Unique Theatrical Experience. 

"brave, almost foolhardy endeavor. “CasablancaBox” is a noble effort."  

Andy Webster New York Times April 2017

The Return 2015

Commissioned by The Metropolitan Musuem of Art, New York


Tyson vs. Ali 2014

"Farrington deftly splices together video footage and performance to offer a prismantic take on a theoretical match up of Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali"   - Charles Isherwood New York Times Feb. 2014

A Christmas Carol 2019,2012 & 2011

“The director Reid Farrington is a man of the moment. A multi-media collage artist who transcends genera, he makes plays that blend film, drama, with art installation. His work is formally impressive and conceptually fascinating.”  Jason Zinoman – The New York Times



Gin & "It" 2010

Paul Court 2.jpg

“The interplay between the live and film actors is an elegant kind of dance, a marvelous technical feat, visually arresting, aesthetically complex”   Jason Zinoman – New York Times

The Passion Project 2019, 2012 - 2008

What Beauty there is in Mr. Farrington’s work. Like Dreyer’s film it is both luminous and cruel.”  

– Claudia La Rocco New York Times