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The Return 2015

Commissioned by The Metropolitan Musuem of Art, New York


The Return pioneers a dynamic form of storytelling. For this piece, Farrington fuses the strengths of scripted drama with new technology to animate the complex history of Tullio Lombardo’s Adam (on display in the gallery).  An actor backstage controls a digital avatar that interacts with visitors in the gallery to enliven episodes in the sculpture’s life, from its commission and meaning in the Renaissance Venice, to its movement across Europe and the Atlantic in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, to its damage in 202 and repair over the following years.



The innovative combination of theater with motion-capture and digital animation allows a single actor to engage with the audience and switch between characters including the biblical figure of Adam, an engineered model of the sculpture that aided its restoration, and the marble sculpture itself. 


New York Times Video

Wall Street Journal Video 

Time Lapse Video of Install in @ the Met

Created By 

Reid Farrington


Written by                                                                   

Sara Farrington



Roger Casey

Cara Francis

Jack Frederick

Catherine Gowl

Gavin Price

Stephanie Regina


Concept Development                                     

Frank Boudreaux & R. Eric Bowers


Virtual Puppetry &  Performance Design                                                  

Athomas Goldberg & Lifelike and Believable Animation Design


Creative Technologist                                          

Todd Bryant


Sound Design

Juan Aboites


Original Music                                            

David Van Tieghem


Digital Set Design                                                    

Todd Bryant & R. Eric Bowers


Digital Light Design                                                

Christopher Heilman


Character Texture &  Facial Animation        

Jason Wiser

Yaya Play Games


Character Preparation                          

Daniel Bohrer


Production Manager

Art Domantay


Set Decoration                                      

Marie Ucci


Set Fabrication                                      

Gary Dealey

Art Domantay


Motion Capture Handler                                                       

Javier Molina


Additional Animation

Ryan Thibeault

Pratik Parija

Joseph Xin


Costume Consulting                              

Erin Murphy


Costume Constriction                               

Timberlake Studios



Connor Kalista


Production Assistant

David Herman




The Branch - One Fragment of the story of Adam 

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