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Reid is a theater director, new media artist, stage designer and film maker.  Currently he has finished princlipal photography on his fist featue film, "Mendacity", based on Tennessee Williams "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof". His film based on his 2015 theatrical production of "Tyson vs. Ali" was finished in 2021. His most recent work, BrandoCapote opened at The Tank NYC in Nov. 2019.  CasablancaBox commissioned as part of HARP at HERE Arts Center was nominated for two Drama Desk Awards, Outstanding Projection Design and Unique Theatrical Experience. Other work includes: The Return, about the accidental destruction and assembly of Tullio Lombardo's Adam (commissioned by and performed at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2015), Tyson vs. Ali, a hybrid theater sports event (PS 122 Coil Festival 2014), Reid Farrington’s A Christmas Carol, which mixed live performers with video projected characters from 35 different film versions of Dickens’ tale (Art Housr 2019, Abrons Art Center in 2011 & 2012), The Passion Project, based on The Passion of Joan of Arc (PS/K2 festival in Copenhagen, Denmark 2007, w/ subsequent productions at 3LD, tours to Budapest, Vancouver and Regina, SK), Gin & “It”, based on Hitchcock’s Rope (Wexner Center, 2010).  His work has been supported by NYSCA, NYFA, Jerome, ETC, Franklin Furnace, Greenwall, Axe-Houghton, MediaTHE. He's toured his work to Moscow, Paris, Berlin, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Melbourne, Brussels, Athens.  Reid held creative residencies at Art House, Wexner Center for the Arts, Eyebeam Art & Technology Center, 3LD Art & Technology Center and Abrons Art Center. He and wife/playwright Sara Farrington have two boys, Jack and Levi.


Reid currently works as the Audio Visual Manager at the Whitney Museum of American Art where he helps facilitate artists, curators and museum staff with the installation and implementation of audio visual equipment museum wide. This job gives him great satisfaction as it keeps him close to the arts and helps him find balance living as an artist in New York City. 


From 2001 – 2008, Reid was a technical artist for The Wooster Group where he designed video and/or created hardware and software systems for the integration of video and sound for six of the company’s productions: Hamlet, Poor Theater, To You the Birdie!, Who's Your DADA!?, House/Lights 

and Brace Up! 



Awards and Residencies

2020                        Broadway World Regional Awards

                                     Nominated for Best Ensemble, First Theater You Want To Go Back To

                                     and Production of a Play of the Decade 

2017                        Drama Desk Award 

                                         Nominated for Outstadfing Projection Design and Unique Theaterical Experience

                                          for CasablancaBox

2015                        NYU MAGENT

                                          Teaching Artist in Residence

2014 -17                   Here Arts Center 

                                          HARP - Artist Residency

2011 – 2013           3LD Art & Technology Center  New York, NY

                                          3LD/ 3D+ - a cooperative development program

2010 – 2012           Abrons Arts Center/ The Henry Street Settlement

                                          Artist Residency

March 2010            Wexner Center for the Arts Columbus, OH

                                          Artist Residency Award

Oct. – Jan. 2010     3LD Art & Technology Center New York, NY

                                          Artist Residency

Feb. – June 2009   Eyebeam Art and Technology Center New York, NY

                                          Artist Residency

November 2008     Hews Design Ward, American Theater Wing New York, NY

                                          Nominated for Hamlet

June  –July 2008    3LD Art & Technology Center New York, NY

                                          Artist Residency

Funding Awards 

2021            NJCA Artist Fellowship

                      Interdisciplinary Performance and Interdisciplinary Visual Art - BrandoCapote

2017          The Venturous Fund


2017          MediaTHE 


2017          The Axe-Houghton Foundation


2014          New York State Council on the Arts


2012          The Jerome Foundation

                        The Return

2012          New York State Council on the Arts

                        Individual Artist Award– Tyson vs. Ali

2012          The Jerome Foundation

                        Tyson vs. Ali

2011          The Jerome Foundation

                        A Christmas Carol

2011          The Greenwall Foundation

                        A Christmas Carol

2010          The Franklin Furnace Fund

                         The David Project

2010          The Experimental Television Center Presentation Funds

                         Gin & “It”

2010          New York State Council on the Arts

                         Individual Artist Award– Gin & “It”

2010          The Experimental Television Center Finishing Funds  

                         Gin & “It”

2010          The Jerome Foundation

                         Gin & “It”

2010          The Greenwall Foundation  

                        Gin & “It”

2009          New York State Foundation for the Arts

                         Fellow in the Digital Arts


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